David Hickey Photography

"I love you David but I just don't understand why you have to take the kinds of pictures you take! It's so low class and tacky! I don't understand why these girls want pictures of themselves with all their stuff hanging out all over the place and showing off their underwear and breasts and other stuff that nobody needs to see.That vintage pinup stuff you shoot is crap! I don't like it! None of it! The 40's and 50's were not so great! I'm not too proud that you shoot ads for a condom company, either! I liked it a lot better when you just took pictures of landscapes and your dog but who needs all those images of landscapes and your dog? Why are you so obsessed with photography? It's not like you can make a decent living being a photographer! Sorry if this offends you but I don't approve"- David's Mom (I miss her more than she could have ever imagined)

David...these pictures completely blow my mind. you are the best photographer in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i showed Hef and he is IN LOVE with the one with the bird and I have to say I am too. I look so innocent muahhaha ;-D Crystal Hefner - Playboy Playmate and Hef's Wife

Hey David,I just wanted to tell you how awesome you are! From the first time we shot 4 years ago up until our last shoot just a few weeks ago, the photos we create have always been my favorite! Your upbeat and hilarious personality makes every shoot so fun! When I am shooting with you I feel so comfortable and beautiful. You are such an honest and caring person that I know I can trust your opinion and view. Not only are you an amazing photographer, but an amazing friend as well. I cannot wait until our next shoot! Sincerely,Allie :)

David, you are one of my favorite all time photographersl! Never a bad shoot , always fun shooting and great pictures ! Couldn't ask for more :) Sky

David you are an AMAZING photographer and I had THE BEST time shooting with you today! I'm CRAZY about the images, I still keep looking at them l.. Thank you so much for shooting with me, I'd shoot with you anytime again and I'm gonna try my BEST to shoot with you again before I leave Cali! Thank you for being so cool, Jaco had an awesome time too :) I LOVE THE PICS! Nikki du Plessis

So insanely happy with the way my photos turned out!! Can't thank you enough! Looking forward to our future shoots:) Tiana Nicole Geisen 

David- I could not be more THRILLED with how the photos turned out!! You are so amazing. My favorite photos to date. Can't wait to work with you again! xoxo-Megan Farquhar

David, I had a blast working with you! Most fun I have ever had a photo shoot hands down. Thank you so much and I really hope to work together with you in the future. Plus I've never felt so beautiful! Jessica Pike

David I had such a fun time shooting with you because your energy is on fire! There is never a dull moment and it shows through the amazing images we were able to capture, thank you!  Laura Odegard

Hi David, I had such a great time shooting with you and I LOVE my pictures! I appreciate your kindness, professionalism, your time, and encouraging words. I will forever be grateful for the incredible images you have provided me with and I can''t wait to shoot with you again soon! THANK YOU!!! Your friend always, Krista

It took two years of us discussing how magical our shoot together would be before I just couldn't take it anymore and flew myself down from Canada to Cali.  It definitely turned out to be one of the best decisions in my life because we created exactly what we said we would: Magic!  I feel so amazingly blessed to have not only worked with you but to have become close friends. You are simply the best! I love you and miss you sooo much & I shall be back soon, I pinky promise!    - Your Muse, Laurelle 

First, thank you very much for the successful photo shoot. I was extremely pleased on the great results, and how everything gelled people-wise to get what we needed.Obviously, you had a lot to do with that. Any retouching we need has been very minimal. Thanks again David, and definitely looking forward with working with you again. Take care. - Gary Hamada Director of Creative Services Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation 

Omg! David its amazing!! Thank you! I was JUST looking at that shot yesterday. You really cleaned it up and made it look amazing. How are you? I miss you man! And I have to thank you - I shoot w/ mitchell for Kowboy + co regularly - just quick,product shots in their warehouse but it's an easy paycheck a couple times a month or so! You rock :) Dianne Mount 

Hi David! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. Thank you so much. I hope you got what you were looking for--I think there's definitely some great commercial and high fashion pix to choose from! Thanks again for a great day!Kiersty 

“David's incredible images have allowed us to maintain a level of quality and originality in our advertising that we feel puts us among the best in the category. His ability to capture a sexy attitude in a fresh, healthy way has allowed us to push far beyond the imagery typical in our market. Thanks for the energy, David"!-Scott Birdsall, CondomRevolution,Inc.
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